Hi, my name is Daniel Smith, and I’m the founder of Red Rain SEO.

Having 10 years experience in online marketing, I’ve looked at virtually every form of online marketing there is. From video marketing to PPC advertising, email marketing, social media marketing and affiliate marketing. After having my hand in so many pieces of the pie, I now focus solely on working with small businesses to rank their websites on the first page of Google.

Why did I choose to focus on SEO consulting?

I have a real passion and love for everything to do with the Internet. Being an SEO Dublin consultant allows me the opportunity to focus on a subject I find fascinating. The only problem was, SEO is such a minefield. Even though I had years of experience in other forms of online marketing, I didn’t know how to properly do SEO. Sure I’d done some SEO here and there, but I was nowhere near the level I wanted to be at.

So, what did I do?

I tracked down some of the best SEO minds in the business and had them teach me all they know about Google SEO and how it relates to local businesses. These are people who run their successful SEO agencies in the US. I must admit, I never realised how many different factors are involved in search engine optimisation. But once I understood the impact a number one Google ranking can have on a local business I haven’t looked back.

Here is our 5 step formula for ranking local business websites:

1. Detailed Site Analysis
2. On Page Review
3. Brand Authority Building
4. Citations & Geotagging
5. Off Page Linking

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As a Dublin SEO Company, I started Red Rain SEO with just a single goal:

Page 1 of Google was an absolute must for every client I worked on. And not only this, it had to be done within 18 months. As page 1 is where the money is.

The problem is… it’s not as easy as it sounds.

In highly competitive area’s such as Dublin, you might have up to 50 different business competing for the same page 1 position in Google.

Can you push your way through to page 1?
And keep it there without getting your site penalised.

We can, and we’ve proven it.
We’ve achieved page 1 rankings ourselves and for our clients.

We don’t see the point in doing SEO on your website if we can’t get you onto page 1.
Our whole process keeps this goal in mind. It’s what we work at day and night.

But it get’s even better…

Most of the time we beat our 18-month target by 9 months.
And as for our standard turnaround time from start to finish, on average, you’re looking at 9 months for a page 1 Google ranking.

A page 1 ranking for every client is no easy feet. To achieve this, we knew we had to be different.

After all, there are plenty of SEO agencies in Dublin. Meaning, there is plenty of competition looking to rank your website on page 1 which has loads of traffic and loads of opportunities.

To be different, we only work with a limited number of clients at any one time.

This is so we can give you and your search engine optimization campaign our full attention.
We are always contactable during business hours, and if we don’t answer the phone immediately, we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Many Irish SEO agencies will happily take your money, but good luck contacting them again. Well, that’s where we differ. Any questions you have throughout your campaign, we’d be happy to answer.

As part of our SEO service Dublin, we like you to know how your website is progressing at each stage of the process.
That’s why we send you an email each day so you can track the progress of the keywords you have selected.

You deserve an agency with great expertise and experience, and that’s exactly what we provide. We are constantly testing changes that Google makes to their algorithm. Constantly checking which are best keywords to look at. In our industry, two of the main keywords are “SEO Dublin” and “Dublin SEO” but there is one that has much more search volume. This is the type of analysis we would look at in your industry. Finding out which keywords will provide you with the greatest return. As it turns out, any SEO Company in Dublin could tell you that “SEO Dublin” receives more search volume in Google.

As a result of this, we often identify important changes in the SEO realm long before they become mainstream news.
And by long before, I mean, 6 months plus.

This gives us a real advantage on the search engine optimisation we do for our clients.
Article marketing, traffic authority stacking, geotagging, forum posting, guest posts, white hat SEO, you name it. We could go on and on.

These tactics form the foundation of just about every website we work on. But for some business websites, it’s just not enough. Some clients want to target really difficult keywords. Keywords that might cause your ordinary SEO Company Dublin to shy away.

Well, NOT US… this is when we bring out the big guns and put things into overdrive. This is what gives us so much satisfaction in what we do. This is where we blow the competition for SEO Companies Dublin away.

There is ONE staple ingredient that we feel is a MUST and should be factored into every successful website. The key to “hold” onto your page 1 rankings! Without it, you risk fading away into nothingness. You could be invisible and lost to the world. It’s where our skills for SEO Dublin really shine.


Building brand new websites and then linking them to your site. And not just any website but websites that already come with pre-installed power. You could say, you win the publicity contest, and the competition won’t know what hit them.

A lot of work, yes, true, but we’ve discovered it’s such an important part of SEO in Dublin that it’s a cost we see as an absolute must.
We are constantly testing and revising this method to make sure we get the best movement possible for your website. Having learned this technique some time ago now, well before it became known as building a private network or whatever the so called experts are calling it these days.

This method is so effective due to the level of control you get.

Google is known for making big changes to their algorithm without any prior notice. They might prefer different linking schemes or give a bigger weighting to certain types of website. Google can downgrade the value of links from blog comments or forums at any stage.

There is only so far they can go. When these updates come through we see this as an opportunity as our sites usually go up in the rankings.

This is where we take charge.

Google (or any search engine) for that matter cannot make a decision to devalue all links across the board. There has to be some structure to the Internet.
There’s an “aging’ process, meaning the older the site, the more powerful and authoritative it is.

And, these new websites we build, come ready to go with plenty of age.
… and as we own these sites, it’s easy to change them to remain niche relevant and powerful.

In this day and age, you’ll find the top SEO companies in Dublin contract hundreds or thousands of these type of websites. It’s what works!

For a long time now, the top SEOs secret to success has been exactly this. Ours too!

It’s very difficult for other companies to duplicate these sites which is why we consider it to be the major difference for our clients. This technique has become much harder over the last year which is why we are always refining the process we go through.

Setup to maximum effect, this is the main factor that propels your website to the first page where all the opportunities lie.

You might wonder why our methods of link building have endured the test of time while most other techniques have gone the way of the dodo bird. Here today and gone the next.

Safety, safety, safety is the most important part of any SEO campaign, especially in a high competition area like Dublin. That’s exactly why our network of authoritative websites has been created first and foremost, to keep it sweet with Google. Dublin SEO is a lot different to what it was a few years back.
This helps by keeping your website on page 1.

Some SEO companies in Ireland blast your site with low-quality links from anywhere they can find them. In the hope that they can rush your site to page 1. This may work for a short while. BUT there is a big risk of long term damage to your site.

These days, the Google algorithm doesn’t compare to where it was a few years back. It’s so advanced now. They know all the tricks people have used to game their system. That’s why we focus so much on pleasing Google. We always keep this in mind when performing our SEO services Dublin.

Some SEO agencies in Dublin are scared that if they move your website up the rankings too quickly, you’ll cancel the agreement. NOT US. We see this as a WIN, WIN. We’ve accomplished what we said we would, and you are likely to notice a big change in the number of leads coming through your door.
Besides, that might be all you were looking for in a Dublin SEO consultant.

In case your business is located outside of Dublin, it might be worth taking a look at our SEO in Galway page. This page has further information on what you can expect from us.


It differs for every business.

Once you start to see a constant supply of traffic coming to your website, it’s your job to turn those visitors into customers.
We place you in front of the right audience, an audience that is actively searching for your product or service.

But, it comes down to you to make sure your website is crafted in a way that encourages visitors to become customers.

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The care and attention we provide for every one of our clients. We’re known for treating our clients like VIPs.
The smaller boutique shops often deliver a much more personal relationship that you won’t get at a big retail store. We like to think of our Dublin agency in a similar way. We provide that personal relationship.

It should come as no shock if the person that first answers the phone is the one same person you deal with along each step of the journey.

We guarantee a page one ranking or your money back.

We aim to make a positive difference to the business of every client we work with. To achieve this goal, you wouldn’t believe how many different SEO tools we need. There are tools to find undiscovered keywords, check out the competition, see what’s working in your local area and what isn’t. Then there are tools for measuring the relevance and power of your website and other websites pointing to yours. Tools for analysing backlinks and finding other websites that will help rank your website. Without these tools, we wouldn’t be very effective at achieving our page 1 rankings target. This is more than a full-time job in itself. Imagine trying to do all of this yourself. It certainly wouldn’t leave you much time to run your business.

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If by chance, you are still not sure, take a look at our customer reviews on our Google + Business Page.

P.S. One more tip on building your business online

Even if you decide not to use us, this advice is meant to lead you in the right direction so here are a few things to look out for.

Select an SEO company who is prepared to guarantee their results. Most SEOs hate offering a results guarantee and will usually tell you that they don’t control Google, which is true, but why should you take all the risk in that case?

Any provider who seriously knows what they are doing should give you some guarantee.
As we know, we can provide results; this is exactly what we do.

Again, keep this in mind if you decide not to work with us. Be sure to ask for a guarantee from your SEO Dublin provider. It will speak volumes and help you to know you’ve made a good choice.

I wish you the best in generating as much traffic to your website, as you possibly can.

Daniel Smith
Founder of Red Rain SEO