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How Much Does Web Hosting Cost in 2019?

Web hosting comes in many shapes and sizes and is certainly not an industry where one size fits all. For websites with a limited budget there are free options available but be warned, these should only be used for personal endeavours where the primary goal is not to make a profit. Beyond free services, the […]

How Much Does A Website Cost In Ireland?

If you’re thinking of setting up a .ie website in Ireland, there are a few additional costs involved that you need to be aware of compared to our US neighbours across the pond. There is also a bit more red tape to get through before you are granted use of a .ie domain name such […]

How Much Does A Website Cost Per Month?

It’s common practice in the web hosting industry to display pricing to visitors as a set price per month. In reality, most hosting companies charge for the full year upfront. They often state on their website that a particular package will cost a set price per month, but once you move forward and fill out […]

How to do your own Search Engine Optimization

If you had to know every aspect of SEO, you would soon become overwhelmed with information overload. SEO can be a minefield when you delve into it. Google suggests there are over 200 ranking factors that make up their algorithm and if you had to stay on top of all of them you would surely give up. […]

How does Structured Data Relate to Google Rich Snippets?

Structured Data influences when rich snippets show up in the Google SERP but just how much influence does schema data have? Before we get into the meat of the question, it’s worth firstly exploring each concept on its own. What is Structured or Schema Data? Structured data and schema data are both used interchangeably but […]