Why you need and Ecommerce SEO Audit?

Ecommerce SEO Audit

Ecommerce SEO Audit


People often make the mistake of building a website and expecting online traffic to flow from this. These days there is a lot of competition online with billions of web pages in existence. Constant site evaluation and improvement is required if you are to generate organic traffic to your website.


Owning a website can be stressful but this gets even more so when you have the additional pressure of having to convert your audience via selling your products. You might be surprised to hear this but an Ecom SEO audit can be a helpful tool to increase your organic rankings and additionally improve website conversions.


The Purpose of an Ecommerce SEO Audit!


I think you would agree but the COVID pandemic has seen a surge in people shopping online as opposed to visiting the local store. This trend is only going to get bigger with worldwide online sales estimated to exceed $6.5 trillion by 2023.

Many direct outlets now have their own online Ecommerce sites up and running which presents a difficulty if you are trying to compete. Not to mention the likes of Amazon and eBay which are getting bigger by the day. To ensure you can compete with these websites and hopefully show on page one of Google for your own site, you’ll need a solid ecomm SEO analysis to highlight the factors on your website that need improving.


Google generally runs your website through its ranking algorithm and determines where your site should appear in the search results. There are over 200 ranking signals that Google includes in the algorithm.


An ecommerce SEO analysis is the best way of identifying issues with your site and improving the signals that go through to Google. Red Rain SEO will focus on the most important of these ranking signals. Don’t worry, there is no need to look at the whole 200 ranking factors. To improve you chances of being on page one of the Google SERP and increase organic traffic to your site it helps to have the most important ranking signals setup correctly.


How to Perform an SEO Audit for an Ecommerce Site?


The main difference from auditing an Ecommerce website such as Shopify or Woocommerce to that of a local business is the number of URLs being reviewed. For ecom there is generally a much larger number of URLs going through the site analysis. Its important to remember the main factors that go into achieving a greater rank in Google remain basically the same. Some of the main elements we look at include:


On page SEO


Page title tags

Page descriptions

Header tags

Inner Linking


Off page SEO