In this day and age, video marketing is extremely important for businesses wanting to be found online. But they must be done correctly. I see so many YouTube video’s aimed at promoting a local business that fail to include a clickable link back to the business website. We have to make it easy for the viewer. If they like the content of the video and want to learn more, you absolutely must include a clickable link back to your website.

What do I mean by a clickable link?

For a link to be clickable within YouTube it needs to include the http:// at the front of the www section of your domain name. Let’s use my website as an example. For my website link to be clickable on YouTube it needs to read If I failed to include the http:// section at the front of my domain, then it wouldn’t be clickable. Without a clickable link, it would be unlikely that I would get any traffic back to my website which is ultimately what you’re trying to achieve with your video.

How To Make A Video that Promotes Your Business the right way

People will watch a video with bad graphics and animation so long as the audio is clear but people won’t watch a video with poor audio and good graphics. What does this tell us? Clear audio is more important than having a great video animation. In reality, you want both the video and audio working well but if it comes down to it the audio should be your main focus.

Next, comes the content of the video. How do you go about deciding on the content, especially if you have never created a video before? First, you’ll need to find someone in your business who doesn’t mind being filmed. If this is you, great but otherwise ask someone else in your business to jump in front of the camera and answer these five questions:

  1. Tell me who you are and tell me what you do? For example, My name is Daniel Smith and I’m the founder of Red Rain SEO. We drive more traffic, leads and customers to your business.
  2. Tell me about your primary customers?
  3. What is the specific problem that your customers face?
  4. Tell me about your approach to the problem? It’s important to answer this question in one full sentence.
  5. Close with an If / Then statement. For example: If you’re looking to generate more traffic, leads and customers to your business fill out our discovery form to see how we can help.

By answering each of these questions in a clear, concise manner this provides your viewer with enough information to encourage them to click on the link to your website.

There’s no time to start like the present. So write out a basic outline of what you or the person you’ll be recording is going to say. Find an area with a reasonably attractive background setting, pull out your smartphone and start recording. Once you’ve recorded the video and are satisfied with the audio quality the next step is to upload your video online. Stay tuned for my next article.