SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization is the collective name for all the different marketing commitments which lead to a site’s visibility in Google’s organic search results (also known as SERP).

There are an enormous number of companies offering so called SEO services, and the choice can be difficult. We believe that all business is based on relationships and trust. But one should not forget the importance of skills and expertise. The SEO industry is challenged every day by the type of shady SEO service that gives honest SEOs a bad name. We as providers face enormous challenges just like you as a customer do. But how can you tell who is a good SEO provider?

ireland-seoAs a serious SEO company we offer professional services, including:

  1. The current state of your website and competitive analysis
  1. Keywords research and mapping
  1. Creation of content (Content Creation)
  1. On-site optimisation & sitemap
  1. Off-site – Online Marketing
  1. Relevant link strategy
  1. Review and evaluation of statistics
  1. Standing improvement

We can act as a proactive sounding board for a large number of businesses.

It’s no secret the world is moving online at an increasing pace as more companies are becoming aware of the importance of their online presence. Our service encompasses all of Ireland as we offer SEO services for a large number of businesses that might type into the Google search box: SEO Ireland for example. We are located in Dublin, Ireland. Many engage us as a trusted SEO company in Ireland, not only as a provider of a service without a proactive sounding board, a partner in the design of a stylish and functional website, but also for online marketing through customised SEO Ireland campaigns.

An SEO campaign takes the help of various tools to promote a brand, a product or a service. Visibility is an important factor for search engines and so-called crawlers index the websites to rank them on search results pages.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is the art of moving a website from a particular position in the Google search engine results page (SERP) to a more prominent position where everyone stops by. The goal of SEO is to drive traffic to a website.

SEO Ireland is one of the most difficult terms to rank for in the country. Another one would be SEO Dublin and SEO Companies Dublin. These are all terms we aim to be ranking at the top of the search results for over the next year but for now we’re content to focus on SEO Services Ireland.

There are a number of SEO Companies Ireland who fail to keep up with the ever changing industry of SEO. For an SEO strategy to be successful you have to constantly keep up to date on what affects the visibility in the Google search results. Some of the procedures an SEO agency would carry out include optimising keywords and optimising both on-page and off-page SEO factors.

For your website to be found by the search engines, there are some methods that are always followed by those who are the best at SEO in Ireland. These methods are guidelines and algorithms that search engines use to detect and rank a website in the search results. By improving the user experience this can help your website rank higher in the organic search results. Some ways to achieve this are by having a separate mobile website or a website developed that has a responsive design. Other ranking factors include the speed of a site also known as the download speed plus it’s important to have high quality visual elements on your website, including images and movies. SEO in Ireland has become a highly competitive industry over the past few years with any number of websites popping up all over the place.

Content plays an important role for websites wanting to rank in the search results. When both search engines and users understand the contents, the ranking will improve. The content can be adapted for keywords, but should be relevant for longer tail keywords too. Good content will lead to your site receiving backlinks from other relevant websites because they like the content.

Social media shares are one type of backlinks that can help a site’s ranking in the search engine results. When users are met by relevant content they will be much more likely to hang around and read more about your website.

If you want your website to rank higher in Google’s SERP you should hire an SEO company that applies SEO best practices. As an SEO agency Red Rain SEO specialise in results orientated SEO. We want to work with businesses who want to achieve Google Rankings that blow the competition away. Click here to get started.