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Are you having problems ranking your website on the first page of Google? Tried everything with no success? You may be so close without even realising it. Just a few simple tweaks of your website could be all you need to give your site the bump it needs to hit the first page of the search results.

The most important aspect to any search engine optimisation strategy is to make sure that your site is properly optimised for the main keywords your business is targeting. It goes without saying: – get the basics right and everything else follows from there. Let’s not forget, there are plenty of places on a website that you can include your main keyword without risking being over optimised in the eyes of Google. Image alt tags are a good example of this. An instant SEO Audit of your website may provide that piece of information that ends up being the missing link between you and a first page ranking in the search engines.


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When someone searches for a particular keyword in the search engines, they expect to find what they’re looking for and quickly. It’s the job of Google, Yahoo and Bing to determine which websites should appear at the top of the organic search results for a particular keyword term. That’s why it’s so important to have your website correctly optimised to take advantage of the main keywords you want to rank for. Why not get a free website review today? Just enter your details in the top right corner of the page for a complete SEO audit.

Key SEO Concepts

website seo audit analysis

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There are four major types of website content that the search engines use to decide who ranks at the top of the search results. These include:

  • URL
  • Meta data
  • Anchor text
  • On page content

A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) refers to an individual page of a website where as a domain name refers a piece of online real estate that you can use to build on. As an example, your domain might be and a URL of this domain would be Each individual page receives a different ranking in the search engines. People often make the mistake of thinking rank is determined by domain when in fact each individual web page receives a different score.

Meta data is the behind the scenes information that a visitor to your website doesn’t see but Google definitely does. This information is contained within the source code of your website and can greatly assist Google in determining what your website is about and the keywords your targeting. Two types of Meta data are the page title and page description.

Anchor text is the words that are associated with a link that a user would see that says something like “click here.” When you click on the link you will be directed to either another location on the present website or to a completely different website. Anchor text commonly appears on a web page as a different colour to the main text and is most often blue text.

On page content can be anything from the text shown on a website to images or videos displayed on that site and sound files.

These are the four things that you need to pay attention to in SEO, first and foremost. A website audit analysis can provide you with a detailed analysis relating to each of these components.

Make It Easy For Google

SEO is really a case of making it as easy as possible for Google to understand what our websites about and really focus in on trying to understand what Google is about. We need to provide Google with very specific information regarding what our site is about while being careful not to over optimize. Here at Red Rain SEO Dublin, it’s our job to understand what Google values and then fit your website within that model. Of course, we try to give you as much information as possible so you can go through the basics yourself. By running your website through our free SEO Audit tool you’ll be able to see exactly which areas Google may be having trouble interpreting on your site because they’re not in an easily understandable format.

Let’s suppose we treated Google as a person. If I was trying to explain something to someone who only spoke German but I was explaining it in English, it’s going to very difficult for that person to understand what I’m talking about. Google works in the same manner. If we don’t provide the correct information in a format that Google easily understands how can we expect our website to rank well in the search engines.

For Google to function as a search engine it collects vast amounts of information and stores it all in a massive database. It has three main methods of reading a website and colleting information to send back to it’s database. It then uses this information to decide how valuable it is. These include:

  • Google bot
  • Traffic
  • User Metrics (how much time someone spends on a web page, website bounce rate)

Google bot reads web pages and then it acknowledges and follows links. Google bot is also able to read the source code of a web page. As Google bot crawls down a webpage certain things stand out which it sends back to the Google database.

seo audit website reviewWhat You Can Expect From Our Free SEO Audit Report?

Our instant SEO Audit Report will provide you with a complete website review of any page on your website and email it directly to your inbox in under 10 minutes. Our SEO Company report is setup to provide you with an overall score out of 100. Obviously the closer to 100 you get the better. We will then highlight if there are any areas of your site that require attention with a full explanation behind our reasoning. Our report will also highlight the areas that are already in good search engine optimisation working order. This serves as a reminder of all the good work you’ve done so far. Keep in mind this analysis can be prepared for any page of your website as it is based on the URL. For an example of our free website SEO audit report look to your right.

There are plenty of companies out there charging anything between €50 and €200 for this type of free website SEO Audit Report but at Red Rain SEO Dublin we like to provide extreme value upfront. This way you can assess our work completely risk free to see if we might be a good fit with your business.

We hope you find our audit report helpful. If there is anything we can assist with please get in touch.