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How to Select an SEO Company in Galway

One way to identify how to select an SEO agency to work with in Galway is to know those agencies you don’t want to work with. SEO is not a one size fits all scenario. Every business is different and has their own unique needs. When hiring an SEO Company, three points to watch out for are:

1. Blanket SEO prices – Every business is different, there are different keywords with varying levels of competition. National search terms and local search terms with varying levels of difficulty for each industry. For this reason, it’s impossible to offer the same price for each business. We take the time to properly understand your business before we talk about price.

2. SEOs who promise quick rankings – Google has really slowed down their ranking algorithm over the past year or so and it’s taking much longer to rank website than it has in the past. Not all SEOs are aware of these changes. Be wary of any agency who’s promising quick rankings, especially for high volume keywords.

3. Ask to see the agencies own website rankings. If you are in the business of SEO, the best way to prove you know what you’re doing is by ranking your own website at the top of Google’s search results. Make sure you always ask this question when hiring an SEO. If they can’t show you results, move on.

Before we select any business to work with we need to be sure there is an active and ready marketplace for us to tap into that can catapult your business to the next level. For this reason, we need more information about your business before we can give you a price for our services. Visit our discovery page to find how we can help your business. Get Started Now!

Fill out our discovery form and we’ll get back to you with a free video analysis explaining the key areas of focus for your business. It may just be the most information anyone has ever told you about your website before. The video is a 100% free, no obligation. What have you got to lose?

what does seo stand forHello, I’m Daniel Smith and I would love to help you take your business to the next level. To help generate more traffic to your website, increase the number of leads you receive and make a huge impact on the profitability of your business. How can I do this? By placing your business in the most valuable location online. At the top of Google’s search engine results page (SERP). When looking for an SEO Agency in Galway you found our website by our ability to rank in Google. SEO is one of those industries where it’s easy to see who’s the best by the rankings they hold in their industry. SEO Galway and SEO Company Galway are two competitive search terms where we rank highly in Google’s search results. As a Google Partner, we pride ourselves in delivering exceptional results for all our clients. Let us at Red Rain SEO Galway take the hassle out of your search engine marketing and put you in a position of authority in your marketplace – at the top of the Google SERP.

What is the goal of your website? Are you trying to generate more leads for your business, build your online brand or provide additional information about the services and products you offer? To satisfy any one of these requirements you need traffic and lots of it. That’s where our search engine marketing services can help. Most people come to Google to find a solution to their problem. We position your website where people are actively searching for that solution, a solution that your business can provide.

How do we accomplish this?

Before starting any work on your website we carry out a high-quality audit to make sure everything is setup correctly in the eyes of Google and there are no issues with your current website format. This includes a review of your on page content, inner URLs, title tags, meta description, site map and robots.txt file among others. Following this, we take a look at the current layout of your desktop and mobile site’s and see if there are any improvements that can be made. The next stage is all about branding. For Google to take you seriously you need to do do what big companies do online and this is where branding is important. We then look at placing SEO optimised keyword images on your website and around your website to help with relevance in your particular area. Next, we look at Citations. A citation refers the Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) you have listed on an online business directory. We review all the existing citations you currently have pointing back to your business and see if there are any changes that need to  be made. Then we go out and source the best citations that are highly relevant to the industry your in. This way, there can be no confusion for Google on the location and industry of your business. There are times when it’s well worth linking out to other trusted authority sites. We’ll let you know which sites it would be best to link out to, which ones are going to improve your search engine ranking. Once we’ve taken care of all these components we really get serious about building authority through high-quality content development that all points back to your business proving to Google just how valuable you are. 

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SEO Galway – The Importance of Keywords

seo company galway

A keyword is a search term that a user would type into the Google search bar to look for a particular product or service. Take a look at our example to the right which shows where we currently rank in Google for the keyword term SEO Galway. When it comes to the search engines, most businesses have a specific keyword or group of keywords that are highly relevant to the service or product they provide. But that’s only half the story. After you’ve identified relevant keyword(s) for your business in your specific location the next check that needs to take place is to make sure there is a decent amount search volume for those keyword(s). There’s no point positioning your website at the top of Google for a search term that gets barely any traffic. We carry out an in-depth keyword analysis to make sure we target the most beneficial keywords for your business. Keywords with a good search volume that will really make an impact once we get you on page 1 of Google.

SEO Galway Scenario

As an example, when searching for a Galway SEO to work with, you reached this page by utilising the power of search engine optimisation. The most popular keyword for the services we offer in Galway is “SEO Galway” which is how most visitors reach this page. If you were to type in a slightly different keyword such as SEO service in Galway you would most likely never have found this page. That’s because we’ve optimised the page to rank in Google for SEO Galway but not for SEO services in Galway.

Why are our Galway SEO efforts only focused on Google traffic?

Google has long been the dominant player in the search engine market world and there is no other company that even comes close. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out this link (Google market share) where you’ll find some further information that shows just how dominant Google are with a 71% market share of the global search engine market.  For this reason, we focus all our search engine optimisation efforts purely on Google rankings. As a business owner, you want to be in front of the most people searching for the solution that your business provides.

Why online marketing as opposed to print or radio?

When was the last time you picked up your Golden Pages in anticipation of quickly finding that product or service you were after? Personally, I can’t remember the last time. Gone are the days of businesses allocating their marketing budget to traditional marketing methods as we now live a fast-paced digital marketing age.  Print and radio advertising are losing market share to online forms. One of the main reasons for this comes down to affordability. Online advertising is much cheaper when you look at the ROI. Because you can choose to target particular demographics much easier online than you can with print or radio, you can reach buyers who are at the point where they are ready to buy.

What do people use search engines for?

in galway ireland

One of the main goals for most businesses is to provide a product or service that makes life easier and/or more enjoyable for the consumer.  This is where Google can help. It’s amazing how many searches on Google are aimed at finding a solution to a problem. Have a tooth ache. Just Google it! Did your roof just cave in? Google can find you the right business to fix it. Google is well known and trusted as the place that can point you in the right direction to solve your problem.  This is where local search results become so important. By ranking in the top organic search results of the Google SERP this gives your business the opportunity to really stand out from the rest. A real position of authority.

Keyword Search Scenario – Galway Restaurant

Suppose a tourist from Northern Ireland is visiting Galway for the weekend. They just want something quick and easy for dinner and are prepared to go for the easiest option so they pull out their smartphone and type in the Google search bar “restaurant Galway.” Chances are they’ll click on the top organic ranking and immediately click to call the business. Of course, this assumes the businesses website is mobile friendly and includes a click to call button to make it as easy as possible for the user to call your business. This is why it’s so important for a restaurant website to be mobile friendly.

How Much Does It Cost?

While we aren’t the cheapest SEO Company in Galway the system we follow has been tested time and time again to achieve outstanding results for our clients. Every client has their own unique set of criteria that we price accordingly based on certain factors including the keyword level of difficulty, the number of keywords you would like to target and the competition in your industry. By assessing these criteria we’re able to provide you with a quote for a fixed monthly cost and an estimate on how long we believe it will take to position your business at the top of the Google SERP.

Black Hat vs White Hat

Google is on a never ending quest to weed out all the poor content, low-quality websites. Sites that add no value to the world wide web but are merely created for the purpose of making a quick profit. With a string of updates to their algorithm, Google is always on the lookout for these type of sites. Black hat vs white hat refers to the specific techniques employed by an SEO agency to carry out search engine marketing on a website. Black hat refers to the dark side of SEO where deceptive techniques are used to try and fool the search engines into believing a website is valuable. These techniques can work in the short term but you risk causing long-term damage to your business. With new algorithm updates coming out on a regular basis if you use these techniques don’t be surprised if your website one-day disappears from Google’s SERP. On the opposite side of the spectrum, we can compare white hat SEO techniques to Master Yoda. These are the safest best practice techniques that comply will all of Google’s guidelines.

There are other SEO Companies in Galway who focus on quick results using black-hat SEO tricks that might achieve a result in the short term but are detrimental to your business in the long run. We don’t want to risk your website being de-indexed the next time Google comes out with another major algorithm update. At Red Rain SEO Galway we want to see your business flourish and continue to reap the rewards of our efforts long after your SEO campaign with us has finished. For that reason, everything we do is focused on your long term success which is why we only employ the safest white hat SEO techniques in Galway

How Long am I going to have to pay this monthly?

It really depends on the circumstances of each individual business. As mentioned above the number of keywords you would like to target is a factor. If we take the scenario of a local plumber in Galway who only wants to target one specific keyword, being “Plumber Galway” this would require less time than if the plumber wanted to target multiple keywords. Another big consideration is the keyword difficulty which tells us how much competition there is for a particular keyword. The higher the competition the longer it will take. Google has really slowed things down over the past year or so and it’s taking longer to see the effects of our SEO efforts in the Google SERP. We would expect it will take at least 4 months as a bare minimum but it really comes down to your unique situation.

Of course, if we are able to rank your website quicker than we originally anticipated, simply let us know that you’re happy with your current position in Google and we can close things out from there.

Why should I choose your SEO Company Galway vs a competitor?

Unlike some SEO agencies, we do all our own SEO work in-house. We know exactly where your website is at through each stage of the ranking process. There is no outsourcing involved. We’ll provide you with a daily report listing your current rankings in Google for the keyword(s) you’ve chosen to target so you know exactly where you stand throughout our journey together. Monthly fees allow us to continue working on your website until we achieve a top position ranking in Google. Anyone who charges a one-time flat fee doesn’t understand the value of SEO. By working on your business over a number of months, this allows us to follow all of Google’s recommended guidelines to achieve success for your business.

What should you expect?

Upfront Value – Free Video Analysis

Before we begin working with any client we carry out a thorough analysis of your website and provide you with a video (5 to 10 minutes) demonstrating exactly how we can get more traffic to your website. This is 100% free, no obligation. After the video, we follow up with a free telephone consultation to answer any further questions you may have and see if we would be a good fit to start working together.

No obligation

If at any time you are not happy with the Red Rain SEO service, simply let us know and we’ll wind things up.

The results we achieve for our clients in the world of search engine optimisation are comparable to the exceptional parking skills demonstrated by the helmsman of this ship. Precision SEO – delivering real results to your business. Get Started Today!

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Other Options

Of course, there are plenty of other forms of advertising you could use to increase the exposure of your business. For example, the Galway Chamber of Commerce offers sponsorship deals, direct mailouts and various other forms of advertising for members.  One further form of online advertising that may be of benefit is to sign up with a popular Galway Business Directory such as who aim to list all business in Galway City and the surrounding areas.

SEO is a long term investment into your businesses future. It may take a bit of time but if you’re looking for a long term solution to your business success, it’s definitely the way to go. We would love to assist every business operating in County Galway but the reality is we can only work with a small number of clients at any one time. Is that you? Fill out a discovery form and let’s find out if we’re a good fit to work together: