What is the Cost of Hosting a Website with Google Cloud?

From all the research I completed online before writing this article I found it difficult to get a clear answer to the question “what is the Google Web Hosting Price?” Google has a pricing calculator for this purpose; however, you almost need to be an IT genius to figure this out. The terminology that is used on Google’s website to explain how the pricing calculator works is difficult to understand. Terms that need to be entered to obtain a calculation of the potential hosting cost include the number of instances per hour, the Outgoing Network Traffic, Memcache per hour and the number of indexing documents.

How Much Does Web Hosting Cost?

What I did manage to find in my research that may prove useful is that Google’s hosting service has a different pricing methodology to your traditional hosting service such as HostGator or GoDaddy. Similar to Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS the price to host your website using Google’s infrastructure is determined based on usage as opposed to a fixed monthly fee that is common for companies who offer traditional web hosting. This pricing method means you only pay for what you use with no locked in contracts like most other web hosting services. Google provides a range of what they call customer friendly pricing with no up-front costs, and you can pay as you go and there are no termination fees if the service isn’t working out for you.

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Here are some other benefits you will receive if you decide to host your website using the Google Cloud Platform (GCP):

Rightsizing Recommendations

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With Google’s commitment to efficiency and reducing waste, this service aims to inform you if your machines are the right size for the workload you assigned them. When starting out choosing a VM Machine type can be a difficult task as you don’t know if your load will change over time. If you select a machine that provides more than you need, then you’re overcharged and vice versa if your machine is too small. Your service will be quickly starved for resources. Rightsizing Recommendations sets out to help you quickly determine if your machines are the right size for the work that has been assigned to them. By monitoring your CPU and RAM usage, over time Google is able to make recommendations on the best size VMs to use.

The Security that comes with using Google Infrastructure

By hosting your website in the Google Cloud your website is likely to receive one of the best uptime percentage ratios around. Unlike your usual business website hosting costs where uptime is always an important consideration and can often be one of the decisive factors in choosing a web host shared hosting allows for uptime piece of mind.

How Much Does It Cost To Host a Website on Google?

You Are Charged Based on Cost per Use

Traditional hosting packages charge based on a fixed monthly or yearly fee regardless of how much you use their service. Siteground is an example of a premium hosting service that charges a fixed monthly or yearly fee. Generally, you will have the option of selecting between a few different hosting packages but once chosen the fee is fixed. Cloud hosting differs in that you are only charged for what you use in terms.